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Describe Mission

The exhilarating feeling of being "zero" is linked with "Dry Zero".
The characteristic of non-alcohol beer flavor drink "Asahi Dry Zero" that has zero alcohol, is expressed through a patter game. The exhilarating feeling that the golf player gains when sinking a putt, and the characteristic of the product "Dry Zero" are expressed as they get closer to "zero" distance from the cup. When these two images overlap each other, we thought the audience would find this product very appealing.

Describe Idea

By using a new technique called "Websocket", which enables PC and smartphone get connected, we were able to produce a patter game that can be played on PCs by using smartphone devices as a putter. The exhilarating feeling can be gained especially from exercising. Thus, we wanted to make the contents more active and playable by making it require moving your body through WebSocket. By doing this, the audience can feel exhilarated more effectively. Also by letting the Web site stay away from mouse and keyboard, we are announcing the new possibility of WEB experience.

How to Use It

  1. Open URL "" with your smartphone and PC.
  2. There will be a verification code shown on your PC, type in the code on your smartphone divice, and it will enable your smartphone control your PC.
  3. Decide the direction of the shot. Stay touching until step5.
  4. Adjust the power of your shot and swing your smartphone.
  5. As soon as you leave your finger, you will see a character making a putter on PC.
  6. By adjusting the position of your finger and the power of your swing, let's try to make a hole in one!


Smart Phone
Android App